I can customize and facilitate any of these workshops for your group, organization, or event. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Befriending Your Self-Judgments

A group activity for transforming guilt into self-compassion.

Practicing Open-Ended Questions

Workshop designed to provide a low-stakes environment for you to practice coming up with open-ended questions for deeper connection.

Making an Effective Apology

The most effective repair conversations include all 5 components of this process for apologizing and turning toward after conflict.

Deep Listening Practice

The power of listening, without interrupting, and truly getting what it's like to be them, from their point of view. Stepping into their world for a moment. This is hard and I believe it's foundational for strong relationships!

Connection Games

Guided connection activities adapted from Authentic Relating Games. Opportunities to practice listening with your whole heart and sharing authentically.

Becoming An Empathy Detective

Discovering what’s underneath every judgment or difficult message can soften our defenses and allow more connection and understanding. Get real practice in this workshop.

We’re Not Even Arguing About the Same THING

How separating out evaluative terms helps us find peace and power and stop projecting all over the place.

I Actually Didn’t Want Advice, Thanks

Understanding why our habitual reactions often end up pushing people away when we're trying to connect, and how to actually be supportive.

Building a Personal User Guide to Connect More Intentionally

Build awareness of your own preferences and boundaries, while connecting to and learning about each other.  What if we could explore the possibilities ahead of time to narrow down what we want and get clearer on how to communicate it?

Identifying Your Core Values

Get community support in clarifying your vision for your life, to live with intention, knowing you're in alignment with your purpose.

Cuddles & Consent

Experience the healing power of nurturing touch. Activities to practice identifying and expressing what you really want, setting boundaries, and hearing "no" as a gift instead of rejection. Followed by open cuddle time to give and receive platonic touch that nourishes mental and physical wellness.

Intro to Nonviolent Communication

Understand the foundational elements of Nonviolent Communication, created by Marshall Rosenberg, in this interactive and connective 2-hour experience.

4-Week Series on Cultivating the Deep Self-Trust To Empower Collaborating:

The Need Behind The No

Empowering your no by identifying that you're a yes to something else.

Why Haven’t You Read My Mind Already?

How to make clear requests grounded in self-responsibility.

Calibrating Your "No" Powerfully

Practicing with role-playing "no" to find the balance between gentle and firm that fits the situation.

Uplevel Your Collaboration

Scripts & tools for co-creating more satisfying win-win solutions.

I facilitate in-person, virtual, as well as hybrid workshops and learning experiences.

How Does Customization Work?

I am happy to customize any of the workshops to meet your specific needs.

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